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Smeal alumnus shares success stories via podcast, upcoming event featuring Ali Krieger

October 20, 2020


Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses, a 2007 Smeal accounting graduate, welcomes soccer star and Penn State alumna Ali Krieger to his podcast on Thursday.
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Andrew Moses was once told to bring dirty clothes to work so he could help pull the tarp on and off the baseball field. As an office intern, this wasn’t exactly in his job description — but he soon learned that a successful team meant everybody contributes.

Sixteen years later, Moses is now the host of his own podcast, “Everybody Pulls the Tarp,” which features successful individuals from a diverse range of industries discussing leadership and work ethic.

“Great organizations and great teams are powered by individuals who contribute in unexpected ways,” Moses said. “I want to share these stories and get these inspirational messages to as many people as I can.”

Moses graduated from the Penn State Smeal College of Business in 2007 with a degree in accounting. He’s currently the vice president of business development and marketing for MorganFranklin Consulting, a firm that works with businesses and government to address finance and technology objectives.

“The firm is incredibly supportive of my goals and has always provided me with exciting challenges as well as opportunities to grow,” Moses said. “I’ve been fortunate to develop great relationships and am truly excited about the work we do for our clients.”  

In his position, Moses develops and implements the firm’s strategic marketing and growth plan, as well as the development of new business opportunities. He said he enjoys his job for the same reason he started the podcast — because of his passion for continuous personal and professional development.

“Launching this podcast is a personal endeavor to further explore principles around leadership, teamwork and work ethic,” Moses said. “I’m a continuous learner and this platform enables me to continue to learn from some of the world’s most successful people while also sharing these lessons with a broader audience.”

Although he had always been interested in what powers a great team, it wasn’t until earlier this year that Moses decided a podcast would be the best medium to take these stories. He officially launched “Everybody Pulls the Tarp” this past May and said his audience has been continuing to grow across all streaming and social media platforms ever since.

Since his background is in accounting, Moses said it’s been a learning curve navigating the world of broadcast media. His biggest hurdle, however, has been keeping up with the pressure he puts on himself to provide content his audience will learn from and enjoy.

“I’m always on the hunt for inspirational stories and I’m always curious about how people get to where they are today,” Moses said. “We see success stories everywhere, but I want to highlight what happened behind the scenes that made it happen.”

Featured guests include Olympians, well known coaches, bestselling authors, CEOs and professional athletes that all share a similar drive and determination to succeed.

On Thursday, Moses will host a special live episode featuring Penn State alumna, National Women’s Soccer League player, and World Cup champion Ali Krieger to discuss her career and more specifically, the work she put in behind the scenes to get where she is now.

Information and registration for the event can be found here.

“Ali has such an inspirational story full of determination, leadership and overcoming adversity in her career both at Penn State and on the international soccer level,” Moses said. “This event will dig deep into her story to talk about how she navigated that adversity, as well as discuss the principles in her mind that power a great team in any aspect of life.”

The event will also include stories from past podcast episodes, insight into Moses’ own career and an interactive Q&A with the audience.

“The opportunity to ask a successful person in any walk of life a question that challenges them to think and reflect in a way that is unique is really rewarding,” Moses said.

The event, sponsored by the Smeal College of Business, will begin at 4 p.m. via Zoom and will be free to the public.

“This event serves as a terrific opportunity to showcase the work that Andrew has done to create his successful podcast,” Jennifer Crispell, Smeal’s director of alumni relations, said. “We are excited for alumni and students to hear more about his story, and thrilled that Ali will be joining him to share her accomplishments and perspectives on leadership.”

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