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Eight Penn State Smeal Ph.D. grads to begin academic careers at Carnegie Research Institutions

June 29, 2017
Eight Penn State Smeal Ph.D. grads to begin academic careers at Carnegie Research Institutions

Priyanka Dwivedi will start her academic career in management and organization at Texas A&M, a top 20 program.

Continuing the tradition of success in the Penn State Smeal College of Business Ph.D. Program, eight of the 13 2017 Smeal Ph.D. graduates have secured positions at universities with high or very high research missions, as defined by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.  

Furthermore, six of these new Ph.D. graduates will join universities having the highest Carnegie research rating. Only 115 universities in the United States, including Penn State, have earned that distinction. 

“Success in placing our Ph.D. students at peer research institutions is a further testament to the quality and reputation of the Smeal faculty. This is another example of how Penn State Smeal is achieving its vision of being one of the very best business schools in the world,” said Brent Ambrose, director of the Smeal Ph.D. Program and professor of real estate. 

Over the past five-years, more than 70 percent of Smeal Ph.D. students have placed in Carnegie-rated research universities. 

The six graduates, listed with their area of study and future place of employment, include:

  • Priyanka Dwivedi, management and organization (M&O), Texas A&M-College Station
  • Derron Bishop, M&O, University of Delaware
  • Manpreet Gill, marketing, University of South Carolina
  • Andong Cheng, marketing, University of Delaware
  • Thao Le, real estate, Georgia State University
  • James Fan, supply chain and information systems, Johns Hopkins University 

Dwivedi, who will start her career at a Top 20 program in Texas A&M, said several elements attracted her to Smeal.

“Smeal’s collaborative culture combined with its emphasis on research excellence and rigorous academic training with some of the best scholars in the management field drew me to Smeal,” she said. 

Dwivedi, who also earned an MBA from Smeal in 2009, said her doctoral thesis focused on the factors that contribute to the success of women CEOs of large organizations. 

“My dissertation examines the psychological mechanisms that allow women leaders to overcome the challenges inherent in the male-dominated leadership contexts to be effective leaders in organizations,” she said. 

“I focus on self-regulation as a key underlying mechanism for women’s leadership effectiveness. In particular, I examine the emotion regulation strategies and tactics that women executives employ and the impact of these processes on their willingness and ability to bring about strategic change.” 

About the Penn State Smeal Ph.D. Program
The Smeal College of Business Ph.D. program, aimed at students who want to pursue a career in academic research, offers specialization opportunities in accounting, finance, management and organization, marketing, real estate, and supply chain and information systems. Learn more at www.smeal.psu.edu/phd.

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