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Ambrose, Brent

Contact Brent Ambrose, the Smeal Professor of Risk Management and director of the Institute for Real Estate Studies, by phone at 814-867-0066 or email at BWA10@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

real estate finance, corporate finance, fixed income security analysis, real estate investment trusts, loss mitigation programs associated with mortgage default and foreclosure, government sponsored enterprises, fixed-income securities, consumer credit contracts, FHA mortgage default and foreclosure, economically targeted assets, privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, GSE affordable housing goals, fixed income securities, corporate finance, real estate finance

Barton, Russell

Contact Russell Barton, senior associate dean and professor of supply chain and information systems and industrial engineering, by phone at 814-863-7289 or email at RBarton@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

web application security, graphical methods for experiment design, design of experiments and metamodeling methods applied to simulation models, and statistical models of product and process behavior. New product development, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing

Bolton, Lisa

Contact Lisa Bolton, associate professor of marketing, by phone at 814-865-4175 or email at BoltonLE@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

judgement and decision-making by managers and consumers, pricing (e.g., price fairness), risk perceptions (e.g., health risks), new products (e.g., health remedies), and personal finances (e.g., financial literacy)

Cahoy, Daniel

Contact Daniel Cahoy, associate professor of business law in the Department of Risk Management, by phone at 814-865-6205 or email at DanCahoy@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

intellectual property law, technology law, IP/alternative energy policy, FDA regulatory policy, reforming U.S. patent system, impact of government takings (eminent domain power), IP in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology arts, intersection of IP enforcement and human rights, patent ownership in alternative energy technologies, mechanisms for increasing patent citation networks, legal and regulatory rules that create economic incentives for desirable business behavior, patent law and innovation, pharmaceutical regulation, experimental economics, IP valuation

Cather, David

Contact David Cather, clinical associate professor of risk management, by phone at 814-863-5455 or email at DAC32@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

property-liability insurance, corporate risk management, insurance regulation, auto insurance, health insurance, agent-insurer contracting, insurance underwriting practices

Coupland, Jennifer Chang

Contact Jennifer Chang Coupland, clinical associate professor of marketing, by phone at 814-865-0577 or email at JXC75@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

consumer behavior and brand meaning in households and grocery stores, qualitative methods like ethnography, interviews, focus groups and projective techniques, symbolism, food consumption

Crocker, Keith

Contact Keith Crocker, the William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, by phone at 814-863-0664 or email at KCrocker@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

antitrust and insurance concerns, including captive taxation and workers compensation; contracting issues, role of transaction costs, adverse selection, moral hazard in the design of agreements; examination of tax and accounting fraud, claims fraud in the context of insurance settlements, role of job attachment in the design of optimal employer-sposored health insurance policies

Davis, Brian

Contact Brian Davis, clinical assistant professor of finance, by phone at 814-865-9590 or email at BSD12@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

retail banking strategies, international regulatory policy compliance, merger and acquisition strategy, international financial markets, oil markets, public finance, financial economics, regulation

DeSarbo, Wayne

Contact Wayne DeSarbo, Smeal Chair Distinguished Professor of Marketing, by phone at 814-865-8150 or email at WSD6@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

positioning, market structure, consumer choice, market segmentation, and competitive strategy

Dirsmith, Mark

Contact Mark Dirsmith, Deloitte & Touche Professor of Accounting, by phone at 814-865-3901 or email at EU3@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

expanding boundaries of the audit function, shifting nature and location of professional expertise, planning and control activities within professional bureaucracies, such as public accounting firms, hospitals, universities; behavioral implications of internal and external information reporting practices in settings such as welfare reform at the state and federal level, organizational and societal determinants of decision-making in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors

Gebhardtsbauer, Ron

Contact Ron Gebhardtsbauer, clinical associate professor of actuarial science in the Department of Risk Management, by phone at 814-865-4153 or email at RUG16@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

actuarial science, pensions, retirement, social security, tax

Ghadar, Fariborz

Contact Fariborz Ghadar, the William A. Schreyer Professor of Global Management, Policies and Planning and the Director of the Center for Global Business Studies, by phone at 814-865-0544 or email at FGhadar@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

international finance and banking, global economic assessment, e-business, global corporate strategy and implementation, immigration, supply chain, emerging markets, energy, oil and gas industry, the Middle East

Grenoble, William

Contact William (Skip) Grenoble, executive director and senior research associate at the Center for Supply Chain Research, by phone at 814-865-3262 or email at WLG2@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

customer service, benchmarking, the use of information technology in supply chain management, logistics complexity, and the role of transportation policy on logistics performance

Ding, Min

Contact Min Ding, Smeal Professor of Marketing and Innovation, by phone at 814-865-0622 or email at minding@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

biopharmaceutical industry, sustainability and innovation, new product/service development, data collection method design, intraperson games, china and business

Gioia, Denny

Contact Denny Gioia, the Robert & Judith Klein Professor of Management, by phone at 814-865-6370 or email at DAG4@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

sensemaking and sensegiving processes during strategic change efforts, knowledge transformation processes, the role of organizational identity and image in attempting to accomplish change, identity formation and change processes, cognitive processes in organizations, change processes, corporate recalls, organizational identity, image and reputation

Gittings, Gary

Contact Gary Gittings, instructor in supply chain and information systems, by phone at 814-865-1875 or email at GLG@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

supply chain and information systems

Givoly, Dan

Contact Dan Givoly, the Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting, by phone at 814-865-0587 or email at DGivoly@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

financial reporting and disclosures, effects of financial information on capital markets, analysts forecasts of earnings, firm valuation

Gong, Guojin

Contact Guojin Gong, associate professor of accounting, by phone at 814-863-7055 or email at gug3@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

financial reporting, voluntary disclosure, executive compensation, corporate governance

Gray, Gary

Contact Gary Gray, visiting professor of finance, by phone at 814-863-3564 or email at GXG2@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

stock and bond valuation, investment banking, financial institutions, municipal finance

Guay, Terrence

Contact Terrence Guay, clinical associate professor of international business, by phone at 814-865-8490 or email at TRGuay@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

competition between government, international organizations, NGOs, and other non-state actors to shape business behavior and international business environment; effects of government policies on global defense industry; cooperation and competition in transatlantic economic relations; impact of economic sanctions on international business; NGOs and corporate codes of conduct; corporate social responsibiilty; corporate political strategy; globalization; trade; Europe; European Union; business-government relations; defense industry; NGOs

Hambrick, Don

Contact Don Hambrick, an Evan Pugh Professor and Smeal Chaired Professor of Management, by phone at 814-863-0917 or email at DCH14@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

executive psychology, top management team dynamics, history and evolution of field of strategic management, CEOs and top management teams, executive leadership, corporate governance, strategy formulation and implementation

Harrison, Terry

Contact Terry Harrison, professor of supply chain and information systems and the Earl P. Strong Executive Education Professor in Business, by phone at 814-863-3357 or email at THarrison@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

supply chain management and modeling, large scale production and distribution systems, decision support systems, applied optimization and the management of renewable natural resources

Haushalter, David

Contact David Haushalter, associate professor of finance and academic director of the Rogers Family Trading Room, by phone at 814-863-7969 or email at GDH12@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

financing and investment decisions of small companies around credit and cash flow shocks; empirical corporate finance, corporate risk management, derivative securities

Huang, Jingzhi

Contact Jingzhi Huang, associate professor of finance and David H. McKinley Professor of Business, by phone at 814-863-3566 or email at JXH56@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

valuation of corporate bonds, credit default swaps, and options; mutual fund and hedge fund performance analysis, TIPS and inflation risk premium

Huddart, Steven

Contact Steven Huddart, Smeal Chair Professor in Accounting, by phone at 814-865-0041 or email at Huddart@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

how decisions are affected by information, incentives, social norms, and behavioral biases; relationships between disclosure and insider trading; financial reporting, taxation, compensation, and valuation aspects of employee stock options; effects of ownership structure on corporate value; determinants of investors' decisions to trade; stock based compensation; insider trading

Hurvitz, Fred

Contact Fred Hurvitz, the Kohl's Professor of Practice in Retail, by phone at 814-863-3795 or email at FBH1@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

retail and merchandise management, service marketing, retail management, merchandise management, sales management

Jaffe, Austin

Contact Austin Jaffe, the Philip H. Sieg Professor of Business Administration in Risk Management and associate director of the Institute for Real Estate Studies, by phone at 814-865-1938 or email at AJJ@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

real estate financial analysis, economics of property rights, the meaning of property, international property rights systems, financial contracting in real estate markets, policy issues in residential real estate markets

Jordan, John

Contact John Jordan, clinical professor of supply chain and information systems, by phone at 814-808-5309 or email at JMJ13@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

supply chain and information systems, implications of the use of big data, the business case for big data

Ketz, J. Edward

Contact J. Edward Ketz, associate professor of accounting, by phone at 814-865-1361 or email at EdKetz@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

accounting scandals, accounting profession, accounting fraud, financial reporting issues, accounting ethics

Kracaw, Bill

Contact Bill Kracaw, the David Sykes Professor of Finance, by phone at 814-863-0486 or email at WAK4@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

impact of corporate governance structure on financial policy and strategy, financial markets, derivatives and financial risk management

Kreiner, Glen

Contact Glen Kreiner, associate professor of management, by phone at 814-867-2381 or by email at GEK12@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

role transitions (among many current roles); how workers and managers in stigmatized occupations deal with stigma; emotions in the workplace; how individuals define themselves by their jobs, organizations, and professions; how organizations respond to threats/changes to identity; temporary workers, stigmatized managers; organizational responses to allegations of corruption; social and systemic factors involved in recent subprime mortgage financial crisis

Kwasnica, Anthony

Contact Anthony Kwasnica, associate professor of business economics, by phone at 814-863-0542 or email at Kwasnica@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

microeconomic theory, game theory, experimental economics

Liechty, John

Contact John Liechty, professor of marketing and statistics, by phone at 814-865-0621 or by email at JCL12@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

derivative pricing, asset allocation, computational statistics, high performance computing, marketing research, production level pricing and analysis systems, Dodd-Frank, financial stability

Lilien, Gary

Contact Gary Lilien, Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science and research director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, by phone at 814-863-2782 or by email at GLilien@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

industrial marketing (business to business marketing), new product development, marketing models, bargaining theory, marketing decision support, marketing engineering, market segementation, marketing analytics, implementation, new product modeling and marketing mix issues for business products, bargaining and negotiations in business markets, modeling industrial buying process, innovation diffusion modeling, new product diffusion

Louis, Henock

Contact Henock Louis, KPMG Professor of Accounting, by phone at 814-865-4160 or email at HUL4@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

earnings management, financial reporting, managerial incentives, market anomalies, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions

Meloy, Margaret

Contact Margaret "Meg" Meloy, associate professor of marketing, by phone at 814-863-0687 or email at MGM16@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

consumer behavior, remanufactured products, decision making biases and heuristics, how moods influence consumer information processing, retail therapy, preference construction, and choice behavior

Misangyi, Vilmos

Contact Vilmos Misangyi, associate professor of management, by phone at 814-867-2675 or VFM10@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

how CEO charisma and charismatic language contributes to organizational effectiveness, including through its influence upon external stakeholders, and the interplay between organizations and industry and institutional environments in constituting managerial discretion, collective corruption, and corporate governance

Novack, Robert

Contact Robert Novack, associate professor of supply chain and information systems, by phone at 814-863-1231 or email at OSV@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

logistics value quantification, performance measurement, transportation management, warehouse management, distribution management

Oliva, Ralph

Contact Ralph Oliva, professor of marketing and executive director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, by phone at 814-863-2782 or email at RAO8@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

B2B market communications and brand management, distribution channel management, demonstration and documentation of value, market communications

Pierce, Gregory

Contact Gregory Pierce, an instructor in finance, by phone at 814-865-8750 or email at GRP3@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

corporate financial management and governance, strategic management, mergers and acquisitions, engineering entrepreneurship

Pollock, Tim

Contact Tim Pollock, professor of management, by phone at 814-863-0740 or email at TPollock@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

social construction of value in uncertain and ambiguous circumstances, particularly the contexts of corporate governance, executive compensation and entrepreneurial market environments, with a focus on the initial public offerings; how do social and political factors like reputation, celebrity, social capital, impression management activities, media accounts, and power of different actors influence IPO performance, survival, alliance formation, executive recruitment and compensation; how entrepreneurs' experiences and organizational resource endowments influence strategic decision making.

Preciado, Felisa

Contact Felisa Preciado, clinical assistant profesor of supply chain management, by phone at 814-863-5882 or email at FUP2@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

supply chain and information systems

Rangaswamy, Arvind

Contact Arvind Rangaswamy, the Anchel Professor of Marketing, by phone at 814-865-1907 or email at ArvindR@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

efficiency and effectiveness of marketing using information technologies, marketing modeling, online customer behavior, online negotiations and internet business models, marketing engineering, marketing decision models, e-marketing, e-business

Samuel, Sajay

Contact Sajay Samuel, clinical associate professor of accounting and STS, by phone at 814-865-0054 or email at Sajay@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

federal administrative agencies; separation of powers; professions, professionals, and professional associations; history of science; cost and management accounting; incentives as tool for behavior control

Sharp, Jeff

Contact Jeff Sharp, associate dean for undergraduate education and associate professor of business law, by phone at 814-863-1947 or email at JeffSharp@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

digital copyrights, property rights, debtor-creditor relations, environmental law

Sheehan, Dennis

Contact Dennis Sheehan, the Virginia and Louis Benzak Professor of Finance, by phone at 814-863-3072 or email at DPS6@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

security issuance and underwriting, corporate governance and control, financial distress, economics of organization

Snow, Charles

Contact Charles Snow, professor emeritus of business administration in the Department of Management and Organization, by phone at 814-865-2463 or email at CSnow@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

collaborative innovation, organization design, innovation management, new organizational forms, human resource management

Song, Fenghua

Contact Fenghua Song, assistant professor of finance, by phone at 814-863-4905 or email at song@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

executive compensation, financial crisis, economics of information, corporate finance, financial intermediation

Susman, Gerald

Contact Gerald Susman, the Emeritus Klein Professor of Management, director of the Center for the Management of Technological and Organizational Change, and director of the Sustainability Council by phone at 814-863-2382 or email at GIS1@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

innovation, global competitiveness, supply chain management, and the future of manufacturing; technology and innovation management; management of teams; management of change

Thomas, Doug

Contact Doug Thomas, associate professor of supply chain and information systems, by phone at 814-863-7203 or email at DThomas@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

coordinating production and inventory planning across the extended enterprise and connecting decision models to logistics performance measurement, inventory management, production and planning coordination, sales and operations planning

Thomchick, Evelyn

Contact Evelyn Thomchick, associate professor of supply chain management, by phone at 814-863-3567 or email at EThomchick@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

interational logistics, transportation policy, logistics education and skills

Todd, Carolyn

Contact Carolyn Todd, instructor in marketing, by phone at 814-865-9306 or email at CMTodd@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

strategic marketing, b2b marketing, sales and sales management, non-profit marketing, consumer behavior

Trevino, Linda

Contact Linda Trevino, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ethics, by phone at 814-865-2194 or email at LTrevino@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

ethical and unethical conduct in work organizations, the ethics and compiance officer role, the financial crisis, the ethical crisis at Penn State, ethical leadership, moral disengagement, impacts on speaking up, the role of status in organizations, and corporate social responsibiity

Tsai, Wenpin

Contact Wenpin Tsai, the John and Kara Arnold Fellow in Management and professor of business administration, by phone at 814-865-2732 or email at WTsai@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

social capital, knowledge transfer, coopetition, network evolution inside and across organizations, cooperative and competitive networks in manufacturing and service industries, business policy and strategy, international management, social networks

Vanden, Joel

Contact Joel Vanden, associate professor of finance, by phone at 814-865-3784 or email at JMV13@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

asset pricing, the role that non-redundant options play in explaining equity returns; how option coskewness impacts stock prices; the use of structured debt for solving the asset substitution problem; how information quality affects options values; the role of price manipulation for explaining derivative prices; and how portfolio insurance contributes to volatility regime switching; asset pricing, derivatives; debt markets; mutual funds

Winterich, Karen

Contact Karen Winterich, assistant professor of marketing, by phone at 814-863-4483 or email at KPW2@psu.edu.

Areas of expertise

consumer behavior, social identity, moral identity, consumer-brand identification, emotion, charitable giving, cause-related marketing, non-profit organizations, brand evalutations, cultural dimensions-power distance and collectivism/individualism

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